Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dry Season Blooms

I am again lost with so many things that i, as usual, forget the date again. It is 15th of the month and i need to show some of the flowers and plants in our area that is now already experiencing so much heat even if the dry season is just starting. The flowers here look like they are fine, but if you will see the total garden it looks very chaotic and wanting. Water is needed so badly, which we cannot provide. Only the hoyas are getting the big share of the water, while those planted on the ground get some recycled water from the kitchen.

Nevertheless, good photo angles and good light hid the total picture of the total garden. And that is the job of the photographer, to please the eyes of the readers. I hope i can do that with the series of photos i am showing here now! Tell me what you think and thanks for telling me the truth!

Hoya diversifolia at different stages of flower development. I planted a plant each at different conditions, 1 in a pot and the 2nd i allowed to climb a lanzones tree. That in the pot flowered earlier but it only flowers once a year. That on the lanzones tree almost conquers the canopy now, and it doesn't stop flowering since August last year. My only problem is the difficulty of looking up and the impossibility of getting photos. At the lower left is the example. Some leafless stems just hang in there and produce consecutive umbels. They are so beautiful, but i will aim for more stems hanging, at the moment there are just two.   

Above right photo is a Hoya carnosa with 20 umbels in one plant, also at different stages of development. The scent is lovely too, and even just one plant with such prolific tendency can give total delight to the gardener/owner.              

Hoya diversifolia in full bloom

a pair of Hoya mindorensis

another pair of a still NOID species, with 2 peduncles arising from the same node

 i am not sure if this is also a Justicia plant, but it is very colorful too

 the very heat and dry tolerant Turnera subulata provides insects with their food

this Euphorbia millii is the most dry and heat resistant species in our garden, and very red

Some orchids even when neglected and not even watered still try to bloom. Maybe that is their intention to save their species, but by giving me such lovely flowers i will be forced to give them back more water and attention.

This is a native to the country and usually give strands of full blooms at the start of the dry season. It also has a lovely sweet scent for humans. However, it is just starting giving me only one flower in one stem. But when going solo it attracts more attention.

This Dendrobium hybrid doesn't want to be left out. Every stem gave spikes that collectively provides a nice attraction, both for humans and insects.

Lastly, this Impatiens balsamina has a lot of sisters around, trying to bloom even if the plants are having very difficult trying times. This one just lives near the kitchen, so gets some few glassful of water discharges. Everybody throws it a few sips, and it returns to us the favor. 

I hope i can still give a few blooms next month, at the height of our hellish dry season. If i cannot do that, i still have some foliage which will suffice for a post. Thank you for dropping by and letting me know how you feel.