Monday, October 20, 2014

Wonder of Wonders in the Shore

This is the Bay that i always see on the first leg of my series of rides to the big city where i work and live. My home in the province is in the uplands, but the jeepneys taking us to the bus terminals are parked near this beach. At the other side of the bay is the international port, and that red thing we see is a very big cargo ship. I literally traverse the left side of the bay to the bus terminal beyond that red cargo ship, and my travel takes a bit more than one hour. Bus ride to the big city is another 2.5 hours.

 Brownish color of the water is due to the iron-rich soil brought by water down to the sea during heavy rains. This however eventually settles when the water gets smooth.

To the right from where i stand are debris brought by floods from the uplands. You can still see the reddish-brown stones rich in iron. The small cliff beyond the debris file is actually called "Pulang Bato", translated as Red Rock. That big mountain at the back is actually a big island, also inhabited, and reached by motor boats in 30 minutes. Wonder of wonders, i have not been to this island. If this happens in another farther away land, i wouldn't stay still until i can reach it. 

There is now a perennial yacht parked in that part of the bay. It has already been there for almost a year now. It is owned by someone in Manila and used only to cater visiting friends. In contrast, there is a parked old boat at the beach, owned by a local resident.

 To the left of the beach are private houses, sometimes built literally on the shoreline. Our Law prohibits such use of government property, however another "wonder of wonders", they are allowed by local government. If only i can implement the law, they will all totally vacate the 8 meter space from the shoreline, and it will be as pristine as it used to be, when people are not yet inhabiting this place. That is if i can implement the law, but i am not the implementer! That is the problem. So i will be perennially disappointed with our beach eyesores.

 These are the jeepneys i mentioned above, that will deliver us to the other side of the bay to the bus terminals. Our jeepneys are well-known and small replicas are made into gifts for our foreign visiting friends. The above sample is not as ostentatious as the original ones. But the colorful sides and designs are always there. Sometimes, the design depicts the country the owner worked for as OFW. The above side design looks like an old building in Rome! But the curtain in front is a different one, i haven't yet seen our Philippine flag used as a jeepney curtain. But maybe that is against the law.

Tall coconut trees make our skyline. And our beaches are normally lined with these trees, now very tall and difficult to get the fruits. Dwarf varieties now replaced the tall ones, and they provide accessible young coconuts to quench thirsts of the owners. Visitors can also easily sample the sweet coconut water from young fruits, a readily available treat in this part of the world.