Monday, July 7, 2014

Rain Really Do Wonders!

Our rain, despite being a month late, is at least here now. Our afternoons are now often raining or at least drizzling. The temperatures decreased to more comfortable levels, and the sun's rays are not as hot as during the dry season. And the most important of all, the plants are so blessed. They are showing their responses favorably with lots of gratitude. We only see the obvious, but we forget that the most important thing for our lives are produced by the plants, oxygen. The plants are growing well again and we can breath more newly produced oxygen. How lovely our environment is, again! 

 Hippeastrum puniceum produced some early bloomers in March. But most of the bulbs produced more flowers after the first heavy rains in June. The blooms are not as intensive as when they simultaneously bloom, but the hedges are still giving delights.

 Some mounds also bloom simultaneously, and they have been planted side by side with the blood lily.

Even if growing with dense weeds, they are still very conspicuous!