Monday, January 25, 2016

Mounting Hopes!

I have not been posting for a while again, but this time it is not busy schedule. My immune system has suffered a lot lately that i was absent for a whole week. My respiratory infection started on Sunday night, with fever for 4 consecutive days. I've been to the doctor on Monday, gave me inhaler and antihistamines for asthma, but forgot to give something for fever. He didn't commence taking antibiotic until there is infection, which followed on the next day, Tuesday. I don't know what triggers the attack, maybe the mucus from the infection triggers allergic reaction, my guess only. Every night i feel like bringing myself to the ER, but when reality of self confinement dawn on me, i restrained myself more. I will be alone in the hospital, can't even have someone to buy me food or water, or get what i want from outside. So i decided to just be patient, fever will go eventually, i thought. And it did after 4 days and my self medication of more paracetamol.

Friday, i went to the same doctor again, who gave me another steroid and phlegm loosening chemical, recommended that i see ENT Dr, who good naturedly discussed many things more than the original pulmonology doctor. The ENT doctor opted not to give me more medicines, thanks God for that. He told me it will be the cough, among all the symptoms, which will leave the last.

Today, Monday, i went to the office with wrong uniform. It seems like my system and my consciousness has long been wired to myself that other things outside my home-sick routine are already forgotten. I wonder if i still know how to blog.  I will try!

 hoya flower buds

another hoya buds

pollens to be flown for fertilization to become new seeds

sunrise outside my window in the province

 another sunrise at home in the province

I am starting to claim back my old routines, it seems like from already a very long time. Never mind, i still remember very fondly the comments from my loyal blogging friends who never fail to visit and give me good lifts. Happy New Life my friends.