Friday, August 22, 2014

Are these orange enough?

 The leaf of Artocarpus camansi is so big that it can be used as a plate in the wilderness. It is in the same family of jackfruit and breadfruit so they have the same genus. Young fruits of this one we locally call 'camansi'  is used as a vegetable. The fallen leaf starts yellow and turns orange like the above. I love its color among the dry brown leaves on the ground.

 This Ixora is always proud and vigorous under the hot sun. The orange color and its nectar attracts all forms of insects most specially the butterflies.

They don't need to go from one flower to another for the nectar, they just have to withdraw their proboscis from one flower within the cluster to the next flower. Before they leave they have accumulated a lot of nectar already. Their proboscis is designed for deeper flower throats.